dijous, 25 de maig de 2017

Arcadi Manchón tennis tournament

On Wednesday 24th May, 1st ESO visited the Club de Tenis Montbui, where the annual Arcadi Manchón Tennis Tournament is taking place this week. They are pictured here listening to Ignasi, one of the organisers. This is the fifth year that Anoia is hosting an ITF competition, which scores for the ATP. It has players from more than 20 countries, most of whom are emerging talents looking to get into the higher levels of international tennis competition.

 After all the boys' questions had been answered, they were able to watch a whole tennis match, which was won by an excellent French player in two sets.

 Of course, such sports events promote values such as competitiveness, sportsmanship, leadership, strategy, discipline, concentration, perseverance and self-improvement!

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