dilluns, 20 de febrer de 2017


On Saturday 11th February, the teachers from Mestral attended an excellent conference given by Neus Sanmartí, a former lecturer from the University of Barcelona and specialist in Science teaching and assessment. In broad terms, Neus favours a holistic approach to evaluating pupils and challenges the traditional view of pupils merely seen as 'a number on 10'. She is a firm believer in a type of teacher training which meets the needs of learners on as many levels as possible. 
Please follow the link to read an excellent article in which she expresses her views on several aspects of education, including teacher training and assessment.

The conference took place at IESE Business School, Barcelona - one of the most prestigious in the world. Perhaps the person who was responsible for the signs wasn't a graduate from the school, and decided to call the cloakroom a 'wardrobe'! 

dimarts, 14 de febrer de 2017

Competències Bàsiques 4th ESO 2017

Pictured here are 4th ESO, completing their second 'Competències Bàsiques' trial exam. They will be taking the real tests this week, starting on14th February. The English exam consists of 2 listenings, 2 readings and a writing test. They will receive their marks in due course, which will show their own result in comparison with the average result in Catalonia. We wish them the best of luck!