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Final afternoon.
Click on the link below to see part of a presentation on the USA..

USA Culture

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Friday 27th January

Day 5 We have reached the final day of our English Week with the teachers from Home To Home. Some of today's activities include: Let's Debate, Presentation of an English Speaking Country, UK Quiz Time, Cavemen, and Where The Wild Things Are!
The boys have undertaken activities and completed projects in English, rather than having English lessons as such, which is what makes our English Week different to any other time of the year for them.


dijous, 26 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Thursday 26th January

Day 4 The boys are used to their new routine now and are enjoying it trememdously. Many have already asked when the Home to Home team are coming back! 
Some of today's activities include: Create Your Own Newspaper Project,  Schools and Art in UK, Flying Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters or Sea Animals? There will also be 'soft rugby' tournament this afternoon! 

Thursday Gallery

dimecres, 25 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Wednesday 25th January

Day three. Our English Week with the Home to Home team is flying by! Some of today's themes include: Inventions that Changed the World, Oceania, Discover England with Sherlock Holmes, Music in the UK, South Africa, The Monster Box and Other Cool Stuff, and Dinosaur Dimensions!
The boys are making great efforts to communicate in English with their new teachers for the week and feedback from them has been very positive.
We did have some snow for a few minutes this morning, but it soon disappeared, which left the boys feeling very disappointed!

Gallery Wednesday

dimarts, 24 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Tuesday 24th January

Some of the activities that the boys are taking part in on this second day of our English Week with the Home To Home team are: The USA, British sports and board games, teambuilding games, dinosaur food and a monster photocall! Click on the link below to see more photos..

Gallery Tuesday

dilluns, 23 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Monday 23rd January

English Week in Mestral began this morning with the arrival of the 'Home to Home' team. They will be working in Primary (1st to 5th) and in all years of ESO. Some of the subjects covered today in ESO are: History and Geography of the Industrial Revolution, English Around the World, Life in the UK, and in Primary: Vintage Monsters and Dinosaurs!
The boys are doing three long modules each day this week, as well as English sports activities during the Physical Education sessions.
It is, of course, one of the weeks that students are immersed in English all the time. They are required to use and improve their language skills throughout the week, as English is the only means of communication.


diumenge, 22 de gener de 2017

1st ESO Writing skills

1st ESO continue to practise their writing skills with the help of models and structures from their coursebook. The current unit introduces a very misunderstood aspect of the English language - modal auxiliary verbs! 
Pictured here are the boys using them to write a description of a sport or pastime. The were some excellent compositions which described a very broad range of activities such as boxing, polo and Gaelic football!