dilluns, 18 de desembre de 2017

Christmas Festival 2017

Pictured here are one of the main acts from this year's Christmas festival, which was held on Thursday 14th December. As always, the event was very well attended and was very entertaining, helped along by a few technical hitches!
The CD of all the songs from the play is available from reception in Montclar Mestral. It also includes one which is sung by the teachers!

dimarts, 5 de desembre de 2017

1st ESO prepare for the end of term!

Pictured here are 1st ESO working together on the contents of Unit 3 of Advanced English in Use, a higher level coursebook which we use in Montclar-Mestral, designed to make them use their abilities to the full.
To improve our linguistic skills we must always be prepared to take risks by using new vocabulary and structures! 

dimecres, 22 de novembre de 2017

Visit to the Danone factory!

On 17th November, all students from Mestral went on their termly day out. Pictured here are the boys from 4th Primary as they are about to enter the Danone factory in Parets del Vallès. The boys were given the tour, designed their own yoghurt carton, and took part in a competition.
They learnt about the history of the company and about yoghurt making, before being given a selection of products to take home!

divendres, 10 de novembre de 2017

8th November

Pictured here are 2nd ESO, hard at work, preparing their writing task for Friday's test. They are working on 'narratives' at the moment. They will have to describe an incident using past tenses, new vocabulary from the Unit 2, and connectors of sequence in a 3-paragraph essay. 
The current unit is called 'Crime', which, as they know, has a different meaning to what people imagine. They have also been learning about the need to use new vocabulary in order to improve their level of English, rather than continuing to use basic words and expressions.  

dimecres, 25 d’octubre de 2017

Cambridge awards ceremony 2017!

On Tuesday 24th October, pupils from Montclar-Mestral were awarded certificates from the University of Cambridge, which show that they have a recognised level of English, in line with the Common European Framework.
The award ceremony was presented by Tom Wogan, whose job involves producing and administering the external exams. Tom talked about the importance of having a qualification of this type for university entry and for future employment.
Some special mentions were made, including Alex Rubio, now in 1st Batxillerat, who scored 187 out of 190 points at B2 level (First Certificate), achieving the maximum mark in the categories of Speaking, Writing and Use of English!

dimecres, 18 d’octubre de 2017

The Oxford Test of English - The future of testing language skills

On 17th October, English teachers from Montclar-Mestral attended a presentation given by Oxford University Press about  a new and approved way of assessing foreign language skills.
It is an online examination for levels A2, B1, B2 (KET, PET, FCE) which can be taken at any time. It has some advantages over other ways of testing, and we are looking to implement it in our school as an alternative to the methods which we have used so far.
Pictured here is Simon Ferdinand, the Assesment Product Manager talking to the minister of Education of the Generalitat.
More details will follow when we are ready to present the Oxford Test of English to the families and students of Montclar- Mestral.

dimarts, 3 d’octubre de 2017

Swimming with sharks! A visit from Bernat Peralta, promoció 2008

On Friday 29th September, we received a wonderful visit from former pupil Bernat Peralta, who left Mestral in 2008. He is currently a diving instructor in the Carribean. In his own words, he was an 'average student'. He managed to get into university to study Marine Biology and has been able to travel all over the world, mainly on account of his own initiative. He had many stories to tell, but his message was clear. He advised the boys of 1st and 2nd Batxillerat to study or pursue something that they were really interested in. 
He is pictured here showing one of the many videos he had of himself swimming underwater with various types of marine life, including sharks, which are not really at all like the way they are portrayed in films.

divendres, 29 de setembre de 2017

2nd ESO Not on strike, but working together!

Last Thursday was definitely a different day for the boys of ESO and Batxillerat. Pictured here are 2nd ESO. Most students decided to come to school and make the most of the day by improving their speaking and writing skills, despite the fact that a 'strike' had been called. Clearly, most boys and families favour learning and cooperation!

dijous, 14 de setembre de 2017

Back to work!

Pictured here are the new 4th ESO getting into the swing of things in their first English lesson of the new school year. They have started by doing some revision of last year's contents. They are also improving their writing skills - a very important aspect this year - and a major priority for them, as they will have to do the Basic Competences. Some of them will also be taking Cambridge external exams next year. 

diumenge, 10 de setembre de 2017

Teacher Training - Dream Schools

September 7th and 8th were devoted to teacher training. The sessions given by two experts from La Farga school, Sant Cugat, on the theme of Cooperative Learning. The course was extremely practical and focused on learner autonomy.

At Montclar-Mestral we will continue to involve students more and more in the learning process, by giving practical, student-centred lessons.

dilluns, 4 de setembre de 2017

Back to school!

Monday 4th September has arrived and the teachers of Montclar-Mestral are back in school getting ready for the new academic year, which starts next week for the pupils on Tuesday 12th September, which is when the tutors and head teacher will inform them about this year's changes.
Pictured here is our allotment with its scarecrow and tomato plants, which have had a lot of sun over the summer!

dimecres, 28 de juny de 2017

Goodbye Sr Luque!

Pictured here during his leaving do is Sr Luque, who has reached the age of retirement and so will no longer been seen around our school. He started in Mestral 21 years ago.
In his after-dinner speech he told us of his fond memories working here initially under Josep Mª Rovira and Antonio Pérez and how he developed his talents as a teacher working with 1st and 2nd Primary. He said farewell by singing 'El Barquito de Papel' to all the teachers!
We wish him well in his future years!

dimecres, 21 de juny de 2017

Sr Marc Martinez in concert

Monday 19th June, Capella de la Mare de Déu de Montserrat, Igualada. Pictured here is Sr. Marc Martinez, accompanied by two guitarists from the Music School of Igualada, during his recital of traditional folk songs.The concert was very well received and we congratulate him on his excellent voice and presence! 

dilluns, 12 de juny de 2017

Diada Familiar 2017

The annual festival of Montclar Mestral was held on Sunday 11th June. Pictured here are some of the many attractions which kept both children and adults entertained during the day. The festival started with Holy Mass at 10am followed by a make-up workshop, a 3x3 football competition, a skating exhibition and a Bollywood dancing show! 
After the paella lunch, there was a painting competition, a musical show and the prize-giving ceremony for the various events which had taken place during a very hot day! 

dilluns, 5 de juny de 2017

Burlington Culture Conferences

Pictured here are 3rd ESO during their conference on American culture given this week by Christina from Burlington Books. The boys are always glad to hear and to be able to speak to a native speaker, as it gives some context to what they are doing in lessons, as well as helping them to see a practical application of their studies. 
The talk contained information and questions about various aspects of American life, such as politics, history, sport, music and food!

divendres, 2 de juny de 2017


We are now in June and the school year is coming to an end! Pictured here are 1st Batxillerat on the last unit of their coursebook, 'Living English', which is a revision unit. It is particularly useful, as the boys will spend the last two weeks finding out what they have learnt during the year and how much progress they have made! 

dijous, 25 de maig de 2017

Arcadi Manchón tennis tournament

On Wednesday 24th May, 1st ESO visited the Club de Tenis Montbui, where the annual Arcadi Manchón Tennis Tournament is taking place this week. They are pictured here listening to Ignasi, one of the organisers. This is the fifth year that Anoia is hosting an ITF competition, which scores for the ATP. It has players from more than 20 countries, most of whom are emerging talents looking to get into the higher levels of international tennis competition.

 After all the boys' questions had been answered, they were able to watch a whole tennis match, which was won by an excellent French player in two sets.

 Of course, such sports events promote values such as competitiveness, sportsmanship, leadership, strategy, discipline, concentration, perseverance and self-improvement!

dimarts, 23 de maig de 2017

Pilgrimage to Montmaneu and Sant Guim

On Monday 22nd May, the whole school went out for the day on their annual pilgrimage. For 1st and 2nd ESO, the day started in Montmaneu at the chapel of the Mare de Déu de la Creu with the Holy Rosary.
The day then continued with lunch and a visit to Sant Guim de Freixinet, a village which suffered heavily during the Civil War and which has survived mainly due to being built on the Lleida - Manresa railway line. The afternoon finished with a football match in the grounds of the new sports centre. We were lucky with the weather and a very pleasant day was had by all! 

dilluns, 15 de maig de 2017

Studying hard!

Pictured here are 1st ESO tackling Unit 8. They are coming towards the end of their coursebook and are learning about some of the many ways to express future time in English. One of the easiest ways (and one of the least frequently used by students) is with the Present Continuous! 
The boys are getting into the habit of changing smoothly from one activity to another. Once they have mastered this, the number of speaking activities in lessons starts to increase. Of course, they enjoy this immensely as they can talk to each other and they don't have to write!

divendres, 5 de maig de 2017

And it's goodbye from us..

All good things come to an end! It is now time for 2nd Batxillerat to say goodbye to Mestral and to move on to the next stage in their lives.
On Thursday 4th May, their graduation ceremony took place. The sponsor of the 'Aude' year group is the mayor of Jorba, David Sánchez, who also happens to be a former pupil of Mestral. The evening started with Holy Mass, followed by the awards ceremony and light refreshments. 
The boys then created their own ceremony and awarded certificates to their teachers based on their relative strengths!
From all at Mestral, we wish them the very best for their future careers and lives. 

dijous, 27 d’abril de 2017

Reported Speech!

This famous grammar point appears in every coursebook from 2nd ESO upwards and is always tested in the 'Use of English' section of the First Certificate exam, which some of our students will be taking soon.
Pictured here are 2nd ESO practising their spoken English, while using this structure. As it is one of the grammar points which they have most difficulty with, it needs to be introduced gradually, taking care not to fall into the typical traps!

dijous, 30 de març de 2017

Let's play chess!

Pictured here are the boys from 2nd ESO, engrossed in another chess match.
In their Technology lessons with Mr. Martinez they have been designing and making their own chess boards, including one which lights up!
Chess, of course, is an intellectual and strategic game which we promote here in Mestral with the help of Mr Gimenez, who is an official chess referee.

divendres, 24 de març de 2017

How does your garden grow?

Thanks to the efforts of Mr Martinez, Mr Ortolà and Mr Burniol, we now have an allotment at the back of the school next to the dining room with peas, onions, carrots, lettuces and some decorative plants, which are all coming along very nicely. The garden has been extended this week with the help of the boys from primary, who are pictured here digging furrows and preparing the land for new plants. This, of course, is hard work! Nevertheless, it is a very enriching experience for all concerned.

dijous, 16 de març de 2017

1st ESO 1pm..

1pm continues to be our time for reading or Holy Mass. Pictured here are 1st ESO during one of our daily sessions between 1 and 1:30pm when students throughout the school have time for silent individual reading - a vital academic skill - which we believe will help to further their education in many ways! 

dilluns, 6 de març de 2017

The Present Perfect with for and since

We have now come to the end of the second Assessment and 2 ESO, pictured here, have been studying a very misunderstood and misused tense in English, the Present Perfect!
The boys have been trying to get to grips with it, while trying to avoid the typical mistakes that language learners make, such as 'How long are you here?' 'I am here since two days ago.'
Being able to use this tense well is one of the things which characterises good language learners. Of course, they need to understand the form, concept and use, which doesn't usually happen overnight. Like many things in life, it requires a great deal of time and effort!

dilluns, 20 de febrer de 2017


On Saturday 11th February, the teachers from Mestral attended an excellent conference given by Neus Sanmartí, a former lecturer from the University of Barcelona and specialist in Science teaching and assessment. In broad terms, Neus favours a holistic approach to evaluating pupils and challenges the traditional view of pupils merely seen as 'a number on 10'. She is a firm believer in a type of teacher training which meets the needs of learners on as many levels as possible. 
Please follow the link to read an excellent article in which she expresses her views on several aspects of education, including teacher training and assessment.

The conference took place at IESE Business School, Barcelona - one of the most prestigious in the world. Perhaps the person who was responsible for the signs wasn't a graduate from the school, and decided to call the cloakroom a 'wardrobe'! 

dimarts, 14 de febrer de 2017

Competències Bàsiques 4th ESO 2017

Pictured here are 4th ESO, completing their second 'Competències Bàsiques' trial exam. They will be taking the real tests this week, starting on14th February. The English exam consists of 2 listenings, 2 readings and a writing test. They will receive their marks in due course, which will show their own result in comparison with the average result in Catalonia. We wish them the best of luck! 

divendres, 27 de gener de 2017


Final afternoon.
Click on the link below to see part of a presentation on the USA..

USA Culture

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Friday 27th January

Day 5 We have reached the final day of our English Week with the teachers from Home To Home. Some of today's activities include: Let's Debate, Presentation of an English Speaking Country, UK Quiz Time, Cavemen, and Where The Wild Things Are!
The boys have undertaken activities and completed projects in English, rather than having English lessons as such, which is what makes our English Week different to any other time of the year for them.


dijous, 26 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Thursday 26th January

Day 4 The boys are used to their new routine now and are enjoying it trememdously. Many have already asked when the Home to Home team are coming back! 
Some of today's activities include: Create Your Own Newspaper Project,  Schools and Art in UK, Flying Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters or Sea Animals? There will also be 'soft rugby' tournament this afternoon! 

Thursday Gallery

dimecres, 25 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Wednesday 25th January

Day three. Our English Week with the Home to Home team is flying by! Some of today's themes include: Inventions that Changed the World, Oceania, Discover England with Sherlock Holmes, Music in the UK, South Africa, The Monster Box and Other Cool Stuff, and Dinosaur Dimensions!
The boys are making great efforts to communicate in English with their new teachers for the week and feedback from them has been very positive.
We did have some snow for a few minutes this morning, but it soon disappeared, which left the boys feeling very disappointed!

Gallery Wednesday

dimarts, 24 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Tuesday 24th January

Some of the activities that the boys are taking part in on this second day of our English Week with the Home To Home team are: The USA, British sports and board games, teambuilding games, dinosaur food and a monster photocall! Click on the link below to see more photos..

Gallery Tuesday

dilluns, 23 de gener de 2017

ENGLISH WEEK 2017 Monday 23rd January

English Week in Mestral began this morning with the arrival of the 'Home to Home' team. They will be working in Primary (1st to 5th) and in all years of ESO. Some of the subjects covered today in ESO are: History and Geography of the Industrial Revolution, English Around the World, Life in the UK, and in Primary: Vintage Monsters and Dinosaurs!
The boys are doing three long modules each day this week, as well as English sports activities during the Physical Education sessions.
It is, of course, one of the weeks that students are immersed in English all the time. They are required to use and improve their language skills throughout the week, as English is the only means of communication.


diumenge, 22 de gener de 2017

1st ESO Writing skills

1st ESO continue to practise their writing skills with the help of models and structures from their coursebook. The current unit introduces a very misunderstood aspect of the English language - modal auxiliary verbs! 
Pictured here are the boys using them to write a description of a sport or pastime. The were some excellent compositions which described a very broad range of activities such as boxing, polo and Gaelic football!