dilluns, 20 de juny de 2016

Blues Workshop

This workshop gives a general overview about what Blues music is all about: it’s origins, format and relevance today. Pupils from 2nd and 4th ESO learnt to play some rhythm guitar progressions such as I-IV-V using a 12-bar blues format. I recorded a loop for them to play along with, then they started to learn to play guitar solos with the five-note pentatonic scale, which is a good place to start for young blues guitarists! Probably the most important thing, however, is to listen to a lot of blues music, which leaves its mark on listeners in many ways.

Keep practising!

divendres, 17 de juny de 2016

The end of the school year

Pictured above are 4th ESO doing some revision activities for their last test of the school year. They are aware that they won’t be able to make a significant change in the result of the work of the last 10 months. However, they do know the importance of being consistent in their effort over the whole year. 
Language learning is a never-ending process! As with many things in life, there is no magical solution to achieving our goals. Hard work, time and effort  are the only things that will bring success in learning a foreign language.

divendres, 3 de juny de 2016

'Què puc fer per recuperar el curs?'

How time flies! We are almost at the end of the school year. The above question is often heard at this time of year. Of course, learning a language isn't just about doing a few tests and getting pass marks. It is a process which is often long and laborious. Therefore, it is impossible to make up for missed work, or work which has not been done over the course of the academic year with one exam.
The first step for students who find themselves in this situation is to complete the 'contracte d'estiu'. Then they need to make sure that they do regular revision of work which has not been done. Finally, they need to make sure that their effort remains constant throughout the school year.
Language learning is, of course, a life-long journey.

Hauria d’haver passat a la història que amb un sol examen es pugui aprovar una avaluació i, menys encara, una assignatura sencera. Qualsevol activitat que es faci a classe pot ser utilitzada amb una finalitat avaluadora"
Sotsdirector del col·legi Terraferma