dilluns, 29 de febrer de 2016

26th February Visit to Cardona

Last Friday, 5è and 6è had a fantastic day out! It started with a visit to the castle in the morning. We learnt all about its history, design, strategic position and legends, such as that of the ‘torre de la minyona’. In the afternoon, we went down to the amazing salt mines, which were in operation until 1990 but now receive regular visitors. We thank our excellent tour guide, Mònica, for making it an informative and memorable day!

divendres, 19 de febrer de 2016

6th Primary The birds and the bees..

In Mestral, students of 4th, 5th and 6th Primary study both Natural Science and Social Science in English. We use material from the ‘Sciences’ series, the content of which is in English, and is published by Oxford University Press. This allows students to cover the material of Natural and Social Science which corresponds to their year group, while at the same time being involved in a greater number of  lessons with English as the means of communication. This is particularly appropriate in the field of Science, as its international language is English.

At the moment, 6th Primary are studying human reproduction, which of course includes information about reproductive cells, systems, processes, cycles, pregnancy and birth, with an evaluative test at  the end of the unit. 

divendres, 12 de febrer de 2016

4 ESO Basic Competences: 16th & 17th February 2016

4th ESO are currently preparing to take the Basic Competences exams next week, The English exam consists of a series of reading, writing and listening tasks. These are administered and marked externally. The results will give an indication of the level of each student in comparison to the rest of Catalonia.
The writing section  usually consists of questions which require students to produce certain linguistic functions, such as the use of different tenses, making plans, requests and invitations. The boys are pictured here working in groups, while examining and correcting each other’s work.

We wish them the best of luck!

divendres, 5 de febrer de 2016

The Yellow Pages

Towards the end of each unit of the Advanced Real English coursebooks in ESO, students will come across a 'yellow page'. They now know that this means that they are going to be doing some activities which are the same as the ones they will find in the Cambridge external exams which we offer here at Mestral.
Over the next few days, families of 5è, 6è, 2nd and 4th ESO will be receiving information by letter and by e-mail about these exams. The closing date for registry and payment is Friday 11th March. Students from other year groups are also elligible to take an exam if they so wish, with the consent of their English teacher.